Text presented by
Mgr. Jaroslava Kunátová



            I express my thanks and gratitude to the town of Jilemnice, since it has invested me with the highest honor a mother – city can give to its native son. The fact that I love Jilemnice is my smallest merit, for we all love it the same – and whoever has once come out of this town, will return there despite all obstacles and ambushes of the world and fate, even against his will and nothing can hinder him from that except his death.

            I will bear the badge of an honorable citizen of Jilemnice proudly and joyfully, aware not only of the high honor but also of the obligation I take upon me and which shall speak in my further work.

            I am happy to receive the honorary citizenship as a precious gift from the hands of representatives of a new, resurrected and free Jilemnice, which now awaits so much joyful constructive work, but also so many difficulties and so much misunderstanding coming from hardship.

            At the time of humiliation and oppression it held its head proudly, do not let it become haughty during the years of prosperity it is heading for.

            May Jilemnice emerge from the fire of national revolution rejuvenated and even more beautiful than it used to be. More beautiful not only through its stone body, but also through the spirit and hearts of its citizens, so that there is more understanding and love among the children of our common mother – Jilemnice.

Jan Weiss, September 17, 1945