The student theater Pirám from the University club of SSM (Svaz socialistické mládeže, Socialist Youth League) in Brno produced Sny Kristiny Bojarové (Kristina Bojarová’s Dreams), composed by Margita Havlíčková from the second and the ending of the third dreams in the text of Jan Weiss’s Tři sny Kristiny Bojarové (Three Dreams of Kristina Bojarová).

Dramaturgic editor and director: Margita Havlíčková, music and sound cooperation: Jaroslav Dvořák, choreography cooperation: Zdeněk Švehla, lights: Pavel Červinka.

The leading part was played by Nika Brettschneiderová, among other cast were Hana Militká, Dušan Petráň, Eva Fuxová, Radim Zezula and Zdeněk Černín.

The play opened in Czechoslovakia on 28 November, 1975. In the same year, the performance was repeated on December 3, 13 and 19. In 1976 the performances took place on January 14 and 30, February 4, and at least also on April 23.

The play was apparently reviewed by Brněnský večerník as well as Mladá fronta (Recitál N. Brettschneiderové (N. Brettschneider’s Recital)). An unpublished review relates to the performance of 30 January, 1976.


Based on the short story by Jan Weiss, Bláznivý regiment (Crazy Regiment), Dětské studio Divadla na provázku v Brně (Child Studio of The Theater on the String in Brno) produced Hra na bláznivý regiment (A Play on a Crazy Regiment). The author of the sketch for its screenplay and the play’s director is Vojtěch Fatka, who rehearsed it with the assistance and leadership of Peter Scherhaufer. Apart from the members of the Child Studio, the actors included Vladimír Hauser and Martin Havelka from The Theater on the String company.

Theater Divadélko Jesličky ZUŠ Na Střezině, Hradec Králové, participated in the 65th Amateur Theater Show Jiráskův Hronov (8–12 August 1995) with their performance based on Jan Weiss’s Sen Kristiny Bojarové, directed by Jana Portyková.

Stanislav Nemrava was inspired for stage production by the novel Dům o 1000 patrech (The House of 1000 Floors) and his play Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors), performed by ZUŠ (Elementary Art School) Uherské Hradiště, opened on March 13, 2000 at the Theater Spring in Třešť.

Amateur puppet theater ensemble “Zhasnuto” (“Lights out”), Centrum tvořivé dramatiky Praha (Centre for Creative Dramatics, Prague), performed on September 9, 2001 in the Mlejn club a theater performance Kde to jsem (Where Am I), based on Jana Weiss’s novel Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors). The performance was reviewed by Vratislav Filler and it was repeated at the same place also on November 19, 2002. From April 4 to 6, 2003 the ensemble participated with this play, directed by Jakub Hulák, in a public Prague show for young and nontraditional theaters in Praha-Stodůlky, the festival Stodůlecký píseček, where candidates were chosen for Šrámkův Písek.

Theater studio DISK at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the school-year 2003-2004 produced its adaptation of Jan Weiss’s novel Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors), named Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors).

The production of the creators of the successful production POLAROIDY (POLAROIDS) was described as a comic thriller at the edge of dream and reality, where dauntless Petr Brok struggles to save princess Tamara in the mysterious skyscraper of one thousand floors.

Directed by: Natálie Deáková, dramatic adviser: Marie Špalová, staging: L. Kuchinka, J. Bažant, D. Klimešová

Detailed information about the production can be found at the homepage of the Theater Studio DISK.

The dramatic adaptation of Jan Weiss’s novel Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors) opened in the Theater Studio DISK on October 26, 2003, further performances then took place in 2003 on October 31, November 1, 18, and 19, December 2, 11 and 12 and then in 2004 on February 17, 21 and 22, March 3, 30 and 31, April 8 and 19, May 7 and June 19.

5. 2. 2004 Server iLIST.cz published Adam Junek’s review of the adaptation, called Big Brother se dívá stokrát jinak (Big Brother watches one hundred times in a different way).