2021 The novel Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of a Thousand Floors) was published by Dobrovský, s. r. o. in its 10th Czech edition, based on the 1958 version published by Československý spisovatel.


On 17 August 2020, Mrs. Brigitte Leblanc from the French publishing house Hachette Livre informed me that they were preparing to publish a French translation of the novel Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of a Thousand Floors).

2016 English translation of Dům o tisíci patrech  was published for the first time as The House of a Thousand Floors. The translation by Alexandra Büchler respects Czech edition from 1964 and includes afterword by Alexandra Büchler. Published by Central European University Press, Budapest New York.

On 10 September 2013 at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno, Bc. Magdaléna Kratochvílová defended her bachelor thesis Motivická výstavba vybraných dramat Jana Weisse (Tři sny Kristiny Bojarové, Usnul komediant... a Purpurové schodiště) – The Motivic Structures in Selected Dramas by Jan Weiss (Three Dreams of Kristina Bojarova, A Comedian Fell Asleep... and Purple Staircase ). The link to the study is:

On 14 August 2013 I was contacted by Dr. Daniel Sáiz Lorca, who in 2006 wrote his PhD thesis about Czech interwar science fiction. On pp. 100-132 you can find a chapter devoted to Jan Weiss, on pp. 236-258 there is a Spanish translation of several chapters from the novel The House of One Thousand Floors. The link to the study is:


On 10 September 2012 at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno, Bc. Libor Kamenský defended his bachelor thesis Vývoj fantastických motivů v povídkové tvorbě Jana Weisse – Development of fantastic themes in short stories by Jan Weiss. The link to the study is:


In 2012, in order to commemorate Jan Weiss’s 120th birthday and the 40th anniversary of his death, the publishing house Nakladatelství Bor published a biography of Jan Weiss by Vilém Kmuníček, called Hledání Jana Weisse (Searching for Jan Weiss).

The biography clearly captures the life and work of Jan Weiss, a world-famous fiction-writer of the 20th century born in Jilemnice, one of the founders of Czech sci-fi. Weiss’s life-story is presented here in relation to his literary activities. The readers will be captivated above all by the passages concerning the battles over the novel Mlčeti zlato (To Be Silent is Gold), when Weiss was deciding whether to continue writing. Similarly interesting will be Weiss’s conflict with Oleg Sus, following which Weiss eventually stopped writing. What can also be found here is Weiss’s Vzpomínky na dětství (Memories of childhood), which hasn’t been published so far, as well as passages about Weiss’s participation in the Czechoslovak legion and his legionary drama Penza (Penza).

Hledání Jana Weisse (Searching for Jan Weiss) becomes the first specific biography of Jan Weiss ever published, which aims at joining the line of works by Karel Sezima (the first systematic critic of Weisss work) – Jaromír Horáček (the first biography of Jan Weiss) – Karel Bogar (a fundamental work for Jan Weiss biographies). The text is supplied by a rich appendix of photographs and is published in the series Odkaz (Legacy).



On 8 December 2011 the book Puls nekonečna. Kronika české science fiction 2 od Vladimíra Babuly k Alexandru Kramerovi (The puls of infinity: A chronicle of Czech science fiction 2 from Vladimír Babula to Alexandr Kramer), compiled by Ivan Adamovič, was launched in Prague. The second volume of a planned three-volume anthology also contains a short story by Jan Weiss Nikdo vás nezval (Nobody Invited You…).

On 28 April 2010, a press conference was held in Prague, related to the launch of the book Vládcové vesmíru. Kronika české science fiction od Svatopluka Čecha po Jana Weisse (Space rulers: A chronicle of Czech science fiction from Svatopluk Čech to Jan Weiss), compiled by Ivan Adamovič. This anthology includes also a short story by Jan Weiss Po operaci (After a surgery) as well as his profile.

2007 František Janalík issued in publishing house Plot an anthology of entries published in magazine Krkonoše – Jizerské hory, named Krkonošské poudačky (Krkonoše Tales). He presents more than thirty authors, including Jan Weiss in the chapter Jarmark v Javorku (Javorek Fair) from his novel Přišel z hor (He Came from the Mountains).

 May 9, 2006 Unveiling of a memorial plaque on Jan Weiss’ birth house, organized by the town of Jilemnice, took place in Jilemnice at Valdštejnská street 68. The writer and honorary citizen of Jilemnice was remembered by his contemporaries, including the actor and also an honorary citizen of the town, Stanislav Zindulka.

2006 The completed reconstruction of the exterior of the house where Jan Weiss was born will be followed by the placement of a memorial plaque.  

December 2005 Italian translation of Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors) was published for the first time as  Il Palazzo a mille piani. The translation respects the first Czech edition from 1929 and includes a critical note by Chiara Baratella. Published by Editrice Santi Quaranta, Treviso.

June 2004 The contract about publishing the novel Dům o tisíci patrech (The House of One Thousand Floors) in Italy (Editrice Santi Quaranta di Ferruccio Mazzariol, Treviso) has been signed and its English edition is expected.