Unveiling of the memorial plaque



May 9, 2006: at 6 o’clock in the afternoon unveiling of a memorial plaque on the house where Jan Weiss was born took place in Jilemnice, Valdštejnská 68, organized by the town of Jilemnice.

The ceremony was opened by Mgr. Jaroslava Kunátová, mayor of the town of Jilemnice, by the text written by Jan Weiss in the memorial book of Jilemnice on September 17, 1945, when he became an honorary citizen of Jilemnice.

This was followed by speech of PaedDr. Jana Luštinec, director of the Krkonoše museum, about Jan Weiss’s work.

Afterwards, Stanislav Zindulka, an actor and honorary citizen of Jilemnice, spoke.

Next, ing. Dušan Dubový, Jana Weiss’s grandson, thanked everybody and the plaque was unveiled by the youngest and the oldest of writer’s relatives – Jana Dubová and Mrs. Václavíková.

Both at the opening and the ending of the ceremony, a quartet from the ZUŠ Jilemnice (Elementary Art School) performed.

The ceremony was closed with a two-hour gathering of about fourty-five people at the town hall.

The whole event was photo-documented by Petr Mendřický (www.mendricky.name).